The Amazon echo

Amazon echo

Amazon EchoI was talking with some friends today a lunch and they mentioned it, the Amazon echo. And today, it's the first thing I see on the Amazon home page. If you have a gadget loving friend or family member you've got to consider this for the holiday season! If you can wait that long, that is... However, you can only get one by invite only right now, so get on the list and see when yours will be available. If this is a gimps at the future, it's going to be awesome!

What is it? It's a home computer that you talk to, it has no visual interface so it'll be interesting to see if its glitchy at all. I have high hopes for it and think it's a great idea for a family gift this holiday season. I watched the video and like the idea. I wonder where its going to go from here and if its going to be the next big thing. I picture homes like those that you see the Sheriff has on Eureka. Hello Sarah!

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