Pan Handler in a NEW car?

What a great story I saw on the news today about an elderly woman with a new car panhandling.

So, a "needy" panhandling 78 year old woman with white curly hair was caught driving a brand new 2013 red Fiat just after leaving her post. When asked by a local news spokesperson why she was panhandling if she can afford a new car she said that she was doing it to get out of debt. She followed that by saying pastor told her that it was okay so she's not sure why everyone is getting so upset. She went on to say that she will keep doing it and told the news that she has a permit to do it. Where do you get a permit to beg for money anyway?

A confrontation with a man that gave her money filmed by a woman that also gave her money can be seen on this video.

I always wonder about pan handlers. I've seen a man sitting on a cooler at the entrance to a major shopping area week after week. He honestly didn't appear all that needy wearing newer cloths, overweight by about 80 lbs and drinking a soda from his cooler and a hamburger from the nearby burger joint. However, I've seen others that look really needy. I do feel bad for some, but how do you tell the difference between the ones that have tried everything to find work, and the ones who will do anything not to work.

How about the scams for gas money in parking lots. I'm ashamed to say that I trusted one man asking for gas money in a parking lot once. I don't think that I'm alone here.

I'm not sure what pan handling pays, but it must pay fairly well since I've seen some fighting for their "spot" at the top of freeway exit ramps. There's something comical and sad at the same time seeing 2 downtrodden people fighting over the best spot to beg for money.

I have a favorite pan handling signs that someone had. It said something like, "Why lie, I need a beer and a burger." But at least he's honest. And it was very effective, I saw multiple people giving him cash while I was idling waiting for the light to change. I'm certain that he mad enough in only a few minutes sitting there to get that burger and beer, but I suppose why stop if its working. Who doesn't like free money, and how much is enough?

As for the elderly woman in the new car, I don't know if I should feel sorry for her or maybe angry that she is taking advantage of poeple. I would like to take a look at her debt and bank statement before I decide, if I'm being honest. What's her retirement income look like, if there is any? And I suppose that she is too old to be working anymore. But should she be driving a new car and begging others for money? There are a lot of people in need in the world, I'm not sure that she's one of them though.

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