Seahawks Penalty Streak

The Seahawks continue to be penalized in game play. I see a lot of calls against the hawks and some are justified, but others are not. In replay we all see the calls, both good and bad. Officials need to do a better job!

Football is fun to watch but when the officials become over zealous and turn the games one sided it makes fans like myself question why I bother to watch. I would have to count them up, but there seems to be a huge number of calls that turn over touchdowns this season against the Hawks. Anymore when I see a touchdown, I don't cheer, I wait to see if there is some penalty call that will overturn it. Some of the BS calls I had to endure today were no exception.

Non-Calls are also a big problem. I see a lot of penalties that are ignored by the officials. These also seem to be very one sided. I don't understand why they pay such close attention when they hawks are on offence, but then look the other way when their on defense. When we, the fans, see it and even the commentators see it, where are the ref's and what are they looking at?

Today, the fumble that was basically ignored like it didn't happen? What was that? How can they just ignore a fumble recovery like that with no review? I can accept a decision, if there was a review... but no review at all? This is when fans begin to question the motives of referees and the whole NFL. Can anyone say rigged!

Take a look at thefixisin.net, this guy has a pretty good bead on the NFL I think.

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