Whole home wireless audio system comparison - PART 2

Continuing the review for a Whole home wireless audio system comparison. In that first article I looked at the SONOS system. Again, I should stress that I do not own any of these systems yet, this is a product - feature comparison review helping me to make a purchase choice. It may also help you.

The BOSE offering

The Bose system is called SoundTouch. Bose really has 3 options to add new speaker systems or attach to existing un-powered speakers if you don't count some of their larger systems.

It starts with the $400 SoundTouch 20 and 30 Series II speakers. The SoundTouch 20 Series II looks to be nearly the size of a shoe box (about 7" x 12" x 4"). Then there is the SoundTouch 30 Series II, which is larger of course for $700 and will likely have deeper fuller sound.

They also offer a smaller Portable speaker that looks similar to the 20 and 30. It's also $400 like the 20, but this one can be completely wireless since it has an internal battery that gives you hours of listening enjoyment.

NOTE: These 3 speakers still come in the original Series for a slightly lower price.

Next they offer a remote device for $100 that can connect your Bose Cinimate or LifeStyle II system into the SoundTouch WiFi network. Be sure to get the one made for your system in case there's a difference.

UPDATE: I was very disappointed to find out that this only supported some of the very new systems, my system that's less than a year old isn't one of the very recent ones that are supported. Make sure that yours is supported before you purchase! 

Finally, if you have independent speakers you want to use they have a Bose SoundTouch SA-4 Amplifier setup. This comes with an adapter like the ones used with the Ciminate or Lifestyle II systems and includes a round shaped remote control with presets like the speaker units, and an amplifier for $500.

These systems can connect via your home WiFi to allow you to play the same music throughout your home. The system has 6 presets that you can use to switch stations instantly from the speakers or a wireless remote without using an app or a computer. For more control you can use the app on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Did you see something missing? So did I... this system seems to be missing adapter with RCA, Coax, and Digital outputs so that I can connect to existing systems. I looked and looked but Bose does not offer an option for this. I would have to purchase additional speakers or systems to fill all the rooms in my home when I already have speakers or systems in those rooms that are good quality.

It's too bad, I am a Bose fan and most of my speakers are Bose, but I can't connect to all of them using this system and so I don't think I'll be able to use it.

TO BE CONTINUED... PART 3 - The Samsung offering

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