HULU, what I do and don't like about it

The list of things that I like about HULU is much shorter than than the things I don't like.


  1. Content


  1. Commercials
  2. Price
  3. Interface
  4. Buggy software


The only think I can think of that I do like is the content. They are able to provide more recent content than other streaming services. They lead the way in this respect. I'm not sure how they got this deal, but they do have it, kudos to them!


The commercials are very annoying! They get more frequent as the show progresses and they are so often the same ones over and over again. Sometimes you get to watch the same one back to back... or even the same commercial through the whole show at each intermission. So, you may watch the same commercial 7 to 10 times during a single show. I make a point not to purchase that product if I can help it. It's that annoying! Also, I love watching that last segments of commercials to see the last 60 seconds of a show... just love it -- NOT!


Whats the cost of HULU, about $8 a month... I don't understand why people are willing to pay for a streaming service if they also have to watch commercials. This is no different than watching Cable or Satellite TV when you add the fact that you also have to put up with commercials. Yeah, I know where's the Tivo for HULU right! They must be making a huge profit with both subscription fees plus commercials. I don't want to support that scheme! I'm not willing to pay for the internet to deliver HULU to me so that I can then watch commercials, lots of commercials. Remember that HULU does not have the overhead that the cable or satellite folks do. No special equipment or personnel that have to come to your house. They have to be making a killing!

I can't think of a good analogy for this, its just crazy to willingly pay for something that you don't want when there are other choices.


Goodness, the interface for HULU is horrible. I have such a hard time navigating their content. I have to wonder who designed it. It's not like any others and it's not intuitive at all, in my opinion. I mean, I have to drill into and out of things, its just strange!

And I can't pause a commercial, really? I get a phone call and want to pause playback but a commercial is on, so I have to wait till it's done... then pause, that's convenient. Or, I decide that I need to get up for some reason or use the restroom, but I can't walk away until the commercial's over. Just dumb! This is horrible technology, its steps backwards and highly annoying.

Buggy software

And finally, their playback software is bad, really bad. I know I'm not alone in this either. Here we were watching a show only to have it freeze up. Then you need to reload the show and get through all the stupid commercials again to get to where you left off? It happened to us all the time, so annoying!

In conclusion

This is not a service I would pay for. In my opinion, they should be free, they have a revenue stream, it's ads.

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