Ordering a pizza while surfing or catching a football?

Reckless, stupid, idiotic, careless, thoughtless, and foolhardy. These are but a few words that come to mind when I think of these VISA Checkout commercials. How dumb can they be!

Young people that idolize these athletes will want to be like them. They will want to mimic them in their daily lives. However, they probably don't practice catching footballs, or get to spend their time riding the biggest waves in the world. Most of them have day jobs and so what can they do to copy this perceived cool behavior -- Hmm, I wonder?

I know, they can drive and order a pizza. Or how about just text to their friends. I mean, if this athlete can do it while surfing or catching a football then I can certainly do it while driving. You know, I'm wondering if they had a race car driver lined up to do that "pizza ordering" commercial in a mock Indianapolis speedway type of race. I wouldn't be surprised... of course that would be a little too close to a BIG problem we already have.

Teenagers and even adults in this country, and probably around the world, are texting while driving. I see it every day... YES, every day! Weather driving down the freeway, on city streets, or even in parking lots of shopping centers.

How can you tell their texting you may ask? If you can't tell, then you're not paying attention. Perhaps you're one of the culprits? The first sign is driving as if impaired. They'll be swerving around and crossing lines on the road in a delayed manor or driving really slowly. You may have to alert them that a light has changed because they're too engrossed in their texting to pay attention to whats going on around them. You may think that they've been drinking, but no, as you pass and look at the driver they're staring down at their phone that's just out of site in their hand down near their lap. I've passed cars on the freeway to see the driver texting and their passenger watching the road ahead, seriously!

SO... now what? We know it's a problem, but what do we do about it. I don't really know for sure and often there is nothing you can do, they're not paying attention to the road let alone someone on it so it wont be easy to get their attention. Especially if you're strangers... it's probably not going to be well received if you honk at them and give them a dirty look or even the finger. It's not going to go well if you confront them in a parking lot to alert them that they are driving badly and point out that its because they were texting.

If you have a friend or loved one that you know is texting while they drive... please oh please, ask them to stop. Convince them that they need to quit, if not for their own sake for the sake of the other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

What can be done with these commercials... I say make a parody. Create a commercial with an athlete catching a football with his face or a surfer running into another surfer or some rocks, all while texting in an order for a pizza or texting to a friend. This is more like reality, to be honest. This is the message that we aught to be sending!


Let me know how you feel... do you agree. Please, share an incident that you've experienced.

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