Whole home wireless audio system comparison - PART 3

Continuing the review for a Whole home wireless audio system comparison. In that first article I looked at the SONOS system. In the second article I looked at the Bose system. Now I'm going to look at the Samsung system. Again, I should stress that I do not own any of these systems yet, this is a product - feature comparison review helping me to make a purchase choice. It may also help you.

Samsung Shape

This system has a very unique item called the Link Mate Wireless Audio Hub for $300. It has Optical, RCA, and Coax input and output so that you can connect your existing home audio system into it and I assume use this as a bypass. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information on this item or other reviews.

The system also has its own triangular shaped speakers starting with the M3, then the M5, and the M7. They start at about $200 and go up to $300. A lot of them seem to be discounted from the regular price, even on the Samsung website.

You'll also need a Wireless Hub that looks like it connects all the speakers on its own WiFi network. I've included a link here to a combo pack that includes a speaker and hub. But as I said, there seems to be little info or good descriptions of how the system works or what's needed for this system.

I am going to stay away from this one, it looks like a product that's on its last breath and dying. Its unfortunate too, I liked the looks of the bypass item to connect your audio system into it.

TO BE CONTINUED... Part 4 - The Rocki offering

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