Buried, Cremated, or Composted?

What do you want when you die? Buried, cremated, or the more recent suggestion of composting? This is a very personal decision for a lot of people. From my point of view, I really don't care, I'm dead. But since I'm alive I think that I like the idea of cremation the most, but I think that composting is fine as well. Return my body to the cycle of life.

There is the cost side of things too. And I'm cheap! Being buried is the most expensive. It's expensive to bury someone, in the area of 10K. Not to be shallow, or disrespectful to anyone, and I mean anyone. We all have the ideal way to deal with this. For many it's religious or a last respect... but I don't want to have my family go through too much stress, well much more than they already have. Cremate me or compost me, which ever costs the least and save the expense. Do something useful with the money, keep it... save it... donate it to a good cause.

To be honest, I'm gone and I wont care what you do. So, you can do what makes you feel best. But really, you can do what you like and know that I am OK with it. But, since I'm talking about it, if you want to know what I would have done here it is...

1) Get me cremated and use my ashes to plant a tree or something. I think that its a cool thing to do...

2) Plan and execute a party to celebrate my life. Everyone should enjoy themselves. Drink, eat and be merry!

If nothing else, I will have brought everyone in my life together one last time. Here's what I don't want! I don't want anyone stress out, argue, or lose sleep trying to guess what I would, or would not have, wanted. I've put it here so that you don't have to think about it. If you want something more than what I specified above and it will make you feel better and have closure then do it.

I think that there's too much going on when you lose a loved one. I really just want people to remember the good times, it's what I try to do when I lose someone in my life. So, for me, please try to celebrate and remember the good times.

My wife read this blog and found it to be thoughtless and was nun too happy. I tried updating it to better get my point across. I had no intention to be careless or crass. But to be honest it's not the point I was trying to make. Everyone has their idea of what they want, I want people to remember the fun and happy times when putting me to rest.

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