In dash bluetooth stereo

I really like this one...

Kids and young adults today don't use CD's, they're a thing of the past. However, nearly everyone has a smart phone that they use to listen to music on. Some of us have an audio jack (head phone) port on our car stereos today, but why not give them the option to listen to their music wirelessly from their phone in their car?

In dash stereo's today can come with Bluetooth so that we don't have to have a wire running from our phone to the stereo to listen to what it has to offer for music or sound.

Also, most of these stereos can also be used as a speaker phone as well. Just another reason to get it and make it easy to talk on your phone in the car, hands free.

I've been wanting one of these myself and think that my son would love it for his car, and with prices starting as low as $40 its a pretty cool gift idea as well as a father son/daughter project to install it.

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