Wine opener that beats all wine openers

Do you have a drawer full of broken and hard to use wine openers? So do we.

There are lots of wine openers on the market and we've bought both fancy and not so fancy... simple ones. My most recent one was a gift to my wife and was over $100. I thought that if I bought an expensive one it would make opening bottles easier and that it would last for years. BUT, I think it lasted a few months and now sits in a drawer full of other openers ranging from broken to mostly useless.

I rate all of the openers in my drawer from mostly useless to broken. You may ask why... because I still need to use them to open the wine bottles for my wife. so many of them I aught to just throw them out. But maybe you have one or many easy to use "simple" ones that depend on leverage. What I mean by that is that there's a lever that you need to use. They seem easy to use, but not nearly as easy to use as this one.

This one is both easy to use and simple. I'm a little skeptical because its made from plastic, but it has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer they seem to be behind it according to reviews I've read. Not only that but this is what all the electric ones are based on. By the way, we've bought those electric ones too and broke them. I have high hopes for this manual one... plus it has a couple attachments in the handle like a cork and a pouring spout.

All in all, I think its a good gift for yourself or your wine lover.

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