Change the smoking age to 21?

State Senator, Bob Ferguson, wants to change the legal smoking age to 21 in Washington state. What a wonderful idea. We shouldn't let adults make their own decisions... that's just crazy talk.

Are you serious? Just what we need, more government control. Adults (age 18) can make the decision to fight and die for our country. But Bob says that you're not responsible enough to know that smoking isn't good for you so we need to make it a law that people can't smoke until their 21. GIVE ME A BREAK, and stop wasting tax payer money! Oh, and those of you who are 18 and already addicted are just SOL I guess... you'll need to get someone that's 21 to buy your cigs! How about that awesome DUI you'll get if you get caught, will you get a DUI? Is it considered contributing to the delequency or a minor if you buy for an 18 to 21 year old? And remember, if you get caught and you're over 18 you can be tried as an adult who's responsible for their actions. Who knew that the awkward age was going to become 18 to 21.

I really think that we, us Americans, have it all wrong. We let young kids begin driving cars at the age of 15 and get a legal license at 16. Hmm, it's OK to put a vehicle that weighs up to 8000 lbs in the hands of a child, but don't let them smoke for another 6 years... OH NO!

In other countries people are allowed to drink starting at the age of 16 or sometimes even younger. However, they are not allowed to drive until they are an adult, and that's at the age of 18. Wow, that's the same age we Americans declare that a child is an adult and it's the same for a lot of other countries. And don't forget, in America, you MUST sign up for a the draft if you're a male when you turn 18. This is the time when we say that young people are responsible to and for themselves and their actions. If they are truly responsible for themselves then what do we need laws like this one for?

Why not do this, lets just say that a person is not an adult until their 21 then and see where that gets us. I honestly think that for a lot of people that even 18 is too late but in society we need rules that are hard and fast... we need to know when we can charge them as an adult for behaving badly. However, if they behave bad enough we'll waive that rule.

I don't really understand this line of thought at all. If you think about it, it makes NO sense... think back and ask yourself when you first experimented with tobacco or alcohol, I bet it was while you were in high school like most. How old were you??? I bet you were between the ages of 14 and 16. Bob's right, if we move the age to 21 that will fix everything!

I was asking myself, what can someone that became an adult (18) do?

  • Vote
  • Sign a contract
  • Play the lotto
  • Join the armed services
  • Use tobacco products
  • Own a gun
  • Go to jail
  • Buy adult magazines or videos
  • Sell alcohol and tobacco as a store employee
  • Go to a Casino (as long as they don't serve alcohol... I don't know of any)
  • Go to a strip club (as long as they don't serve alcohol... I don't know of any)

How about someone that's 21?

  • Buy Alcohol
You know, looking at that list is kinda interesting. You can be responsible enough to judge who can buy alcohol, but you yourself cannot, I guess that your good judgement and being a responsible adult ends after you get off work. You can own a gun or go to jail. Wow, all of these things you can do as an 18 year old. But for some reason, you're not smart enough or responsible enough to drink or if Bob gets his way you wont be able to use tobacco either?

I know that the ploy is to protect young adults... Their not smart enough tot know what's bad for them. I don't see anyone saying that for those that join the military at 18. How about all the crappy food we eat and the type 2 diabetes in young teens or even preteens today. Obesity is a HUGE problem that's killing more than smoking and causes a HUGE amount of health problems and costs way more in health care than tobacco. It's a MUCH bigger problem and helps to cause cancer too. Are we going to make laws that say that we can't eat packaged foods, soda's, or McDonald's and other fast food until your 21 too?

Are we really going to start telling our adults when their really allowed to be adults?

Honestly and truly, I feel like politicians are so misguided and I often wonder if they're just lost, blind, stupid, or have alternate agenda's. Come on... you need to work on the things that you CAN control, on the things that the people want you to work on. Let me think, when was the last time I heard anyone say, I wish the government would put controls in place to keep me from doing things I know are bad for me. NEVER, I have never heard anyone say that.

You want to help? Start with working FOR the people. Take a good look at yourselves. Fix capital hill, stop the HUGE waste and corruption that goes on there. It'd be a good first step. Get rid of all of the ugly politics and anything that gets in the way of doing the right thing for the people. Go through EVERY government program and agency and get rid of the corruption and waste.

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