Whole home wireless audio system comparison - PART 4

Continuing the review for a Whole home wireless audio system comparison. In that first article I looked at the SONOS system. In the second article I looked at the Bose system. I think that we can ignore the Samsung system. Now I want to look at the Rocki system. Again, I should stress that I do not own any of these systems yet, this is a product - feature comparison review helping me to make a purchase choice. It may also help you.

This system is interesting. It's different from the others, it's not trying to sell you any speakers or major components. It will stream sound to multiple devices. It looks like you connect to it using your own existing WiFi and an app on your phone, tablet, or PC.

The device has a headphone jack output that you can use to connect to other devices that have an Aux input or RCA jacks. It also has a mini USB jack to charge its internal battery. The battery's supposed to last up to 4 hours between charges.

The ROCKI PLAY has 2 modes, Wifi mode and HotSpot mode. You'll need to have a 2.4 GHz router to connect all of the Rocki's on your network. In Hotspot mode I assume that it connects directly to your phone so that you can stream to it.

I looked at the software for the Android market and the reviews don't look good. It appears that its application is buggy and has pretty low ratings. This discovery has me looking back at the last 2, the Bose and the SONOS systems thinking that one of those may be a better way to go than this. At least until they work out the bugs.

On the upside, the company that developed this unit is also working on a unit that supports digital audio too. That makes it even more compelling and probable that they will work on their software. That, with the low price may serve you pretty well and be worth a look.


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