Whole home wireless audio system comparison - conclusion

I know there are more systems available, but from what I know they start to become more, well... small time. And even more technical to deal with. While I'm okay with technical, I need this system to be simple to use for my family to avoid too much home tech support.

I really liked the lower priced Rocki, but honestly it's not ready for prime time. And with all the low ratings on the software, I just can't spend my time or money on it. I'll visit the Rocki again in a few months to see how things are going with them if I haven't made a decision on another system by then.

And for the Samsung system... Well it appears to be a dying platform. That's out.

So really, for the systems I reviewed, it comes down to the SONOS or the Bose systems...

I really don't know where to go to listen to the SONOS system yet, I've been looking. I wouldn't mind having a listen just to see how they stack up so that I can give a recommendation here. It carries a high price tag and I need to be able to try it before I buy it. With that said, I've read reviews from those that do own the system on the SONOS website. And, most seem very satisfied. However, looking through their reviews I see several that contrast the SONOS to the Bose. A few say it's comparably equal, but many others say they wish the would have stuck with Bose. I have to wonder if it really is as good as Bose, somehow I doubt it. But, it's not fair of me to say that without having a listen first.

I went to the Bose store earlier this week to take a listen to the Wi-Fi systems that are offered. They sound excellent, just as I expected. Like I've said before, Iv'e never been disappointed with Bose. And, I really love the way that the software works on the iPad that they had it on. I'm an android user but i have to think it's the same. The software is very nice and clever. You can create a group of rooms (speakers) where the same song can be played. You can turn on and control the volume remotely for each room or turncoolall speakers simultaniously. Very, very cool!

If you have a preference, what is it? I'd like to hear your opinion or experience.

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