Have you considered a Chromebook?

I want to start out by saying that I LOVE my Chromebook. It's not the fanciest one available anymore, in fact its one of the first that was released. And its still going strong!

If I were to buy one today I would buy the one made by ASUS, mostly because I really like ASUS products. If you're not familiar with ASUS, ask your tech geek friend, chances are they will know of the company and will speak highly of their products. I've been preferring ASUS products since 1998.

But, brand aside I got the original Samsung Chromebook offering from Amazon in 2012 when they first came out. The battery lasts about 6 hours of constant use. It runs and makes no sound at all and heats up only a little while it's in use. It's been a very solid machine for me and one of my best ever technology purchases.

I almost always recommend these to friends and family that have no need to use locally installed computer programs like Photoshop or Visual Studio to do programming. I use it exclusively to do my blogging, writing, documents, spreadsheets, email, drawing, forms, online shopping, research, articles, online games, etc. They are very versatile and can do almost anything. Another bonus, there are NO VIRUSES. At least I've never heard of one. But not only are they versatile, they're inexpensive.

All too often I'm fixing a friends or family members computer because of some little game they're playing online or some software that they installed that had a virus come with it. Or the software they installed was bundled with a bunch of other software that runs in the background and slows them down.

For my kids, I recommend that they use Google's documents (now called Google Drive) to do homework since it's free and requires no updates or software purchases. Also, there's no excuse that they left their document on the computer at home since the documents are saved automatically online and can be accessed anywhere on any computer. Not only that, they can collaborate on a shared document together at the same time, I mean literally each of them can be typing in different sections of a document at the same time or see what others are typing. Its truly an amazing technology that should be used more than it is.

Are you worried about losing data? With a Chromebook it's not a problem... it's all stored in the cloud so you can't lose anything. Even if you lose the notebook, it's always available from any computer. Just log into your Google account.

If you've considered getting one, just do it. Like me, you may find yourself using it almost exclusively over any other device.

This would make an awesome gift this holiday season for someone that wants a simple computer to get things done on or to just play some online games on. NOTE: this will not play LOL, WOW, Maple Story or other similar and locally installed games

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