Save on your phone bill!

If your using a home phone still, like me, you need to know this!

If you're tired of paying for internet, cable and phone in a bundle for a huge monthly cost consider adding this to your solution to get out of that high cost bundle and eliminate some of that cost!

You can use a VOIP device like this Ooma. There are a lot of devices out there but I like the Ooma for its ease of use and low cost. Today you can pick one of these up for about $90 and transfer your phone number to it. You can plug it into your home internet connection and attach your favorite wireless phone to it. I chose a wireless phone that offered 5 handsets and have those scattered throughout the house. Its an easy and cost effective solution that pays for itself very quickly.

I've been using mine since 2007 and I don't miss the regular phone at all. There are lots of benefits to it like being able to check your messages from any computer anywhere.

What does it cost to have this device, only the federal and state taxes. I have mine setup to pay those automatically and it comes to only about $4.10 a month.

Where can you call? You can call anyplace in the US for FREE. Yeah, free, no charge at all. Calling other countries have varying costs. I had an exchange student living with us from Japan and so the cost of calling directly was $0.09 a minute for a Land-line and $0.34 to call a Mobile phone. But to be honest, if it's available, I'd use something like Skype for those if you can, but that's a different article. To see a full list of what it costs to call a specific country you can see their website.

If you're looking for a great holiday or birthday gift, why not consider this to help them to save money for years to come?

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